Ends on July 20, 2019

$160.00 USD

Intensive fiction, poetry, and songwriting for high school students.

The Missoula Writing Collaborative is offering two intensive writing workshops this summer. Students will have the opportunity to work with published writer Caroline Patterson to write flash fiction and poetry, or local musician Caroline Keys of the Best Westerns to write songs. This camp is for anyone with a passion or interest in writing, whether you are just starting or have been penning stories for years.  Each day you'll write, read, and revise your writing. On Wednesday, the two groups will take a day on the town to look for inspiration at coffee shops and the art museum and to share work on KGFM radio. An optional reading featuring student work will take place in September 2019.

Cost & Dates:

(July 8-12:): $160


Education Building, University of Montana

2 Classes Offered:

Fiction and Poetry with Caroline Patterson  and Catalina Baker  or

Songwriting with Caroline Keys

About The Missoula Writing Collaborative

Each year we teach over 1,500 kids to love to write. Founded in 1994, we teach literary competence, critical thinking, cultural awareness, and artistic joy through creative writing. We place writers in school classrooms, after-school programs, youth homes and other venues to show young people the power of words and help them find their voices as writers.

A limited number of scholarships are available for our 2019 camp season. Email the Summer Camp Director, Nick Littman, MWCSummerCampDirector@gmail.com with questions or visit Missoulawritingcollaborative.org to learn more about our organization!